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Differences Between Male & Female Roaches

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragon Diet' started by Germ, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Germ

    Germ Bearded Dragon Veteran 3 Year Member 1,000+ Post Club

    Feb 7, 2012
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    Just an FYI for some that keep or feed roaches. I keep Discoid Roaches (Blaberus Discoidalis AKA 'False Death's Head Cockroach') so I don't have any Dubia to show. Adult Dubia are easy to tell the difference between Male & Females, Males have full wings, Females don't. Adult Discoids are a little more difficult to tell, as they both have full wings. Male Discoid wings are slightly longer than the body, Female's wings are slightly shorter than the body and are generally physically a little bigger. Turning them over & looking at their underside also has some differences in Adult Discoids. There is also a visible difference from the underside, characteristic to both Discoid, Dubia & many other species of Tropical Roaches that comes in handy, if trying to sort Nymphs for feeding & Male/Female ratios of a colony. The segments at the tail end are different.

    I chilled up a couple of my Discoids Some pics to demonstrate.




    When Discoids molt/shed they are completely white other than what looks to us as the eye area, which remains black. Full Natural color shows, generally within the hour. An interesting but 'eerie' fact is the quite striking resemblance to a human face hidden under the black on the cap above the head. I didn't happen to have one molting so I borrowed a pic off of the net.


    Sweet Dreams ;)
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