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Day 44 and 3 eggs collapsing!?!


Hatchling Dragon
I bought 2 female dragons from a pet shop at the beginning of December. They were in with a male but the owner said he’d seen no sign of mating behaviour so I didn’t think much of it.
On 9th December I got one of the girls out and her belly was full of eggs to the point I knew she must be ready to lay (she hadn’t shown no behaviour that gave it away at this point)…. So I set up a lay box and on 11th December she laid her clutch of 24 all fertile eggs.
everything’s been going well, temps been at 29oC
Now on day 44 , 3 of my eggs have collapsed a little. Could they possibly be ready to hatch already? I know it averages between 50-100 days from reading online, with 60’s being most common.
I know all I can do is wait and see really, but just curious if anyone’s had them hatch this soon

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