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Custom Dragon Furniture

Misty Ramsey

Bearded Dragon Egg
3 Year Member
Ive decided to get into making custom caves and climbing furniture for reptiles. Made some a long time ago and the bug came back to do more. This is the piece I just made for my female beardie. Lightweight and coated in a non-toxic waterproof sealant to protect the piece and your pet as well as making cleanup a breeze. I also put a recess in the too near the basking spot for a chia grass garden Ill post new pieces as I finish them, hit me up if you’re interested in one or having one made for you



Hatchling Dragon
What exactly are you looking for? A cave for a reptile? Is it a beardie?
well i have two lizards a beardie named smaug who is a year and almost 2 months old and he is 12.5 inches. And my other lizard is a green anole who's name is raptor and he is four years old. Raptor is pretty old and has some health issues he is going blind and has arthritis. I was maybe looking for something for my beardie maybe something like a australian outback dead tree limb for him to climb on for a basking tree because the one i have in his cage right know he's gettin too big for it

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