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Created My Own Forum


Juvenile Dragon
Hey guys, I created a forum based on bearded dragons today and it would mean a lot if you would join my community!

It's sort of like this except we have our own unique style and differences.

We are hiring forum moderators, supervisors, and admins if anybody is interested in that too!


Juvenile Dragon
Im not trying to take away from this site, i love this site and heavily rely on it.

I just am trying something out myself and want to create another source.
That's always a good thing to have.
Obviously, you know I joined by now.
I'll try to help out where I can! :)


Juvenile Dragon
Thanks to everyone who has joined my forum! You rock! We are accepting staff applications still if there are any experienced forum users out here who want to join our team and help make the forum even better!


Juvenile Dragon
Hey! We have a new updated theme on our website!

We have a Chatbox so you can chat with online users, hiring staff members, and growing everyday! Come be apart of our community :cool:

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