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Can Beardies Live Off of Freeze-Dried Crickets?


Bearded Dragon Egg
I had been researching various feeders when I came across a few issues. One: I live in a very harsh climate with random temperature drops. This means that any feeders I order probably won't make it. My local pet stores only sell crickets in packs of one or two servings. The next problem is that I don't want the noise, smell, or escape issues that live feeders pose. Then, low and behold, I came across the concept of freeze-dried insects. If I can get my future dragon to eat freeze-dried crickets, could he live off of them? The brands I'm eyeing all provide reasonably priced crickets that were gut loaded shortly before being frozen. Would feeding these long-term be okay?


Hatchling Dragon
I know most people use freeze dried feeders as emergency food, but does anyone here use them as staples?
I heard that they don’t like it as much. They like live ones. So they can hunt and it will be like a replica of the wild. So I would highly reccomend using live ones. I’m not sure about freeze dried ines


Juvenile Dragon
live food is best! i haven’t heard anyone use them as staples, but i know live is better and they may not eat it if it’s not moving. you can look into other feeders such as dubia roaches or bsfl!


Bearded Dragon Egg
Thanks, I should be able to supply live feeders at least spring through fall, not sure if I can in the winter because it could be mild or there could be severe blizzards. July and August might be too hot for them to arrive alive.

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