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Bearded Dragon Info

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This thread shows pictures of items that are talked about. *** This is a work in progress***

This is a very dehydrated/malnourished dragon with sunken in Fat Pads

Male Femoral Pores. Now Females will have these however they are not as noticeable. Males will get very waxy and need to be gently cleaned while in the bath. You can brush them with a toothbrush or gently rub with your hands, NEVER squeeze them.

Dragon in shed: This process begins with the scales turning grayish then white then it will start to lift off. They will puff up to stretch out the skin to help the process this includes them popping out the eye, which is rather distressing to first see when they do it..


Parietal eye/3rd eye: Small area in the middle of the head that lacks a scale. Senses shadows from above, senses the sunlight

How to tell if I have a Male or Female:

Flashlight test: How to determine Male vs Female

Gapping: Occurs when basking this is how they thermoregulate themselves and is a good thing!

How important proper lighting is for overall health

Good poop/urates: Poop should be fully digested material no bug parts, nice dark green. Urates should be white in color..

Belly Pattern does it mean something? No not really when they are cool their "chain link's" show up more, if they are mad/irritated/sick they can show up more. Once warm these typically fade.

Mouth: Top of the roof of their mouth is the jacobson's organ it's round and when they lick something their tongue goes up against this organ. This is how they learn where they are and what items are in their environment. Teeth: As babies they are not very sharp kinda like a scratch but as adults they can break the skin..It is normal for their mouth to be an orangish/yellowish color. Tongue: Tip is split and is sticky to catch food items.


Where to trim their nails:

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