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Baby beardie


Bearded Dragon Egg
i recently purchased a baby my class and I named Sherlock. He started eating g upwards of 8 small crickets per day now the last few dYs he has taken only 4. Temp has stayed consistent. He is currently asleep on my hand rather than in his cage. I try to put him down and he climbs up my arm. Is this normal?

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Hello, baby bearded dragons should be eating way more than that. Typically baby bearded dragons should be eating at least 15 or 20 crickets but up to 40. Take him to a vet as soon as possible. If you could post pictures of his condition, me or another person could tell you things to do in the meantime.


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Congrats on your baby beardie. They should be eating more than 4. But there are some other factors that may be affecting his eating habits. If he just arrived, it takes them a week to get used to their new surroundings. If you can, try getting a fecal to the vet to rule out parasites. Does he have good adequate heat and UVB?

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