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  1. Noella

    Here is 6 year old Maya

    The love bug turned 6 years old on April 15th. I was a little late in posting statuses on Maya. Sorry so blurry.
  2. Noella

    Hello Peeps.

    I know it's been a long time since I posted here. I've been extremely busy with life. I don't remember if you all remember what happened last year in 2018, but it was an utter nightmare. The three of us were displaced twice by a tree limb falling on our electric meter mast and having to endure...
  3. Noella

    56 Robots

    I'm sorry. I just couldn't help but LOL at that. We have 56 robots on the site. (No worries. It's those web crawlers)
  4. Noella

    Maya's Fifth Birthday

    I know I was a little busy. But here's some pictures of Maya and his late birthday gifts. I had some delays in sewing up his gifts. But he got one today and hopefully I'll be done with another gift or two.
  5. Noella

    Update on Maya

    Monday was his last day of Ponzurial treatment. Yay. He's becoming one cling on.
  6. Noella

    Hasn't pooped in a week

    Been waiting for him to go to the bathroom. He went a week ago. But tell me how many times they go. He used to go every day and it was watery. Now, it's solid.
  7. Noella

    Update on Maya's health

    Yesterday, I decided to go out and buy some more baby food and this time I was thinking, "Baby food spoons." I looked into them. The take and toss weren't that good. They were plastic, not soft. So, I bought some soft tip baby food spoons. Maya started to associate feeding time with medicine...
  8. Noella

    Clingy Boy

    Who would have thought a bearded dragon would be clingy? Since feeling better, he has been clinging to me. Kissing me, running all around my shoulders and chest. Licking the air. Licking the new hammock in his tank.
  9. Noella

    Update on Maya

    He ate his greens by himself. (As long as you don't watch him that is.) Silly boy.
  10. Noella

    Update: Maya Diardia

    Well, the Albon is working like a charm. He is back to his self. Starting to eat on his own. Staying awake longer now instead of going to bed at 3 PM every day. I have him on a liquid diet and today he ate his greens. I'm not going to force him too much, but I've established morning meds. He...
  11. Noella

    Maya's been diagnosed with Giardia

    I've noticed a change and took Maya to a new vet because the one I use doesn't treat reptiles anymore. So switching to what I thought was a good vet. Instead, he said, "Oh. You may be too late." But he prescribed Maya Albon in the meantime and we're waiting on Ponzurial that's being shipped from...
  12. Noella

    Little Piggie.

    No joke. Little Piggie. He eats every day. Loves food.
  13. Noella

    Breeding Dubias

    Well, it was that time to feed Mr Maya some breeder dubias. I thought they didn't have any eggs, and they aborted them after he began to eat them. I felt so bad but the needs of his care was necessary. I have plenty of roaches with babies.
  14. Noella


    Mr Maya is a toddler all his life. Grabs one of his toys to sleep and cuddle with while on Mommy. Pouts and looks outside while waiting for Mommy and Grandma to return from their appt. Sleepy one eye looking out, waiting for you to come pick him up to put him to bed.
  15. Noella

    Had better days

    I've had better days. On Friday night, I took a fall in the shower. I wasn't doing anything except planning on baking cookies for the Library. I had one foot in the shower stall, and one foot outside the shower stall. I slipped, and landed on my back, and a tension rod shelf full of soaps and...
  16. Noella

    Maya Goes on Vacation

    Well, he gets some serious tank fever. Nearly every single day, he wants to go out with us. Maya doesn't like to stay home alone anymore because we don't have his favorite shows and movies on. We cut out our directv and went to antenna. Pretty Girl, his friend died a couple of months ago.
  17. Noella

    Who can say no to this?

    Doesn't he just melt your heart?
  18. Noella

    I got a job

    Yay! I got a job at Goodwill. I finally did so I can support all of us. I have additional income but I needed more finances to care for my boy, the bird, and us. :)

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