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  1. averyhanna_

    Multivitamin supplement

    i like the herptivite multivitamin. it has beta carotene rather than vitamin A which is much safer!
  2. averyhanna_


    after spending so long trying to hand feed him his veggies, i leave my room for a little bit only to come back to his face buried in his salad bowl! as soon as he saw me, he ran away to his hammock, face covered in papaya
  3. averyhanna_

    Just got a new baby beardie!

    another thing to remember is to be patient. when he lets you hold him, don’t take him all the way out of his tank yet. just keep in in your hands for a little while so he has the option to leave if he feels like it. gradually take him out so you don’t scare him!
  4. averyhanna_

    dubia roaches

    i’m going to switch from crickets to dubias, and i was wondering if i could get them from petco? has anyone had luck with dubias from there?
  5. averyhanna_

    Just got a new baby beardie!

    hello and welcome to the forum!! mealworms first baby beardies aren’t actually recommend because they are hard to digest can cause impaction, so it’s okay that he’s not eating them :) he could just be nervous around you. try putting your hand in his tank without touching him for small...
  6. averyhanna_

    papaya for bearded dragon?

    thanks!!! he loved it haha
  7. averyhanna_

    papaya for bearded dragon?

    can i give my beardie papaya? either as a staple or a treat? thanks :)
  8. averyhanna_

    New dragon!

    she (i hope lol) is adorable!! so nice of you to take her in!! how old is she?
  9. averyhanna_

    New baby came home yesterday!

    hello fletcher!!!
  10. averyhanna_

    even more picture hehe

    he says hello!! i’m taking so many pictures because everyone tells me how fast they grow!!
  11. averyhanna_

    Here is 6 year old Maya

    we accept dragons of any gender lol
  12. averyhanna_

    Here is 6 year old Maya

    aw that’s so sweet!! i have a strong feeling mines a boy but who knows!
  13. averyhanna_

    I think I need some help

    looks okay overall. those temperature and humidity gauges might need to be replaced. they are known for being inaccurate (i made the same mistake!). i cant quite tell from the picture but what lights do you have? you could also give him more branches to climb on in his basking area so he can get...
  14. averyhanna_

    Here is 6 year old Maya

    he is precious!! i’m worried the same things gonna happen with my Oliver lol.
  15. averyhanna_

    Vomit or poop? help!

    well his tank could be a little warmer, especially on his basking side. that’s how they digest their food, and could be the root of the problem. make sure you have a good quality thermometer too
  16. averyhanna_

    Looking for advice on enclosure, behavior

    i agree with all above posts, but about his mouth, that’s just how they regulate their temperature, similar to dogs panting! nothing to worry about. he probably doesn’t do it skeins your house because it’s not as warm
  17. averyhanna_

    Vomit or poop? help!

    well whatever he’s eating, he doesn’t seem to be digesting. you might want to try dubias like above posts have said
  18. averyhanna_

    New Here

    welcome to the forum! you can find so many existing threads specifically aimed at setting up a tank. there is a bunch of contradictory beliefs all over the internet so hopefully you’ll find answers you need here :)
  19. averyhanna_

    Saying no to his Tongs?

    as long as he’s eating them i wouldn’t worry!! just likes to hunt!
  20. averyhanna_

    Here is 6 year old Maya

    awwwwww she’s so cute!!! happy and healthy girl!

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