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  1. Silver dragons

    Just got a new baby beardie!

    Hello and welcome to the Forum! Often times bearded dragons don't eat when they first arrive. I like to not mess with them for the first 3 days or until they start eating normally. That way they don't get too scared and can feel more secure in their own tank.
  2. Silver dragons

    Is my bearded dragon healthy?

    Hello, just from looking at the video it looks like he may be suffering from MBD. I would suggest making sure he's getting enough UVB and calcium.
  3. Silver dragons

    dubia roaches

    I would suggest getting them from a reptile show, that way you are supporting local vendors plus you can get them a lot cheaper you can even buy colony starters.
  4. Silver dragons

    Basking bulb

    For a 4×2×2 a 150w is the one you want.
  5. Silver dragons

    New dragon!

    The pet store did not say but I would guess 4 months
  6. Silver dragons

    Basking bulb

    Yes that will work great!
  7. Silver dragons

    New baby came home yesterday!

    Awww he/she looks so pretty!
  8. Silver dragons

    basking surface

    It looks a little small, I would suggest getting a bigger basking spot so the bearded dragon can get closer to the lights. Could you post a picture of your enclosure?
  9. Silver dragons

    Basking bulb

    A lot of house hold bulbs not not produce enough heat. I would suggest to buy a lightbulb online from PetSmart they're a lot cheaper that way and are designs for reptiles. That dome fixture is good though.
  10. Silver dragons

    2 week old bearded dragon

    Hello, how long have you had him? What type of vegetables are you feeding him? What is the temperature of his warm side, cool side, and basking spot? Baby bearded dragons should be eating around 10 to 15 crickets. Sorry for all of the questions but this should help us identify what the problem is.
  11. Silver dragons

    beardie not eating or basking

    Are you only feeding him 10 to 12 insects a week? I would also suggest giving him more options of vegetables.
  12. Silver dragons

    New baby beardie not eating

    Hello, your tank looks great! Bearded dragons will often not eat as much when you first get them but it also might be parasites. I would suggest going to the vet to get him checked for internal parasites.
  13. Silver dragons

    beardie not eating or basking

    I would definitely suggest trying to mix his insects with the salad to try to get him to eat it. What type of insects are you feeding him?
  14. Silver dragons

    Head Banging

    Hello and welcome to the form! Sorry if I'm not understanding this correctly but it seems like the problem is her glass surfing and running into the side of the cage. Since it is a she, she might be laying eggs, is she trying to dig a lot too?
  15. Silver dragons

    Basking bulb

    Hello @dragonscales, what are you wanting to do with the bulb? Since to me it doesn't look like it produces UVB or heat.
  16. Silver dragons

    New dragon!

    Hello, I checked out your threads and replies and all I see is you being very rude and disrespectful to new members of the form who are just trying to learn.
  17. Silver dragons

    New beardie

    It is a common mistake and not something that should to be yelled about. They are here to help their dragon and to learn.
  18. Silver dragons

    New beardie

    Hello, and welcome to the form! What is the temperature on her cool side, warm side, and basking spot? Also I would suggest feeding other things then superworms since they can cause impaction in that young of a dragon. I would also suggest trying to lower the humidity in the tank so that it...
  19. Silver dragons

    Mites or no?

    It looks like stuck shed of something along those lines, I would suggest giving a warm bath.
  20. Silver dragons

    Looking for advice on enclosure, behavior

    From the picture you can tell it is not a baby

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