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  1. Silver dragons

    Ohio bearded dragon owners!

    Hello, this is a thread for people who own bearded dragons that live in Ohio. Would love to see some other people that live in Ohio and talk about different stores and breeders in the state!
  2. Silver dragons

    New dragon!

    Soooo..... they had this bearded dragon in the back of the store that no one wanted and that they were trying to get rid of and I couldn't just leave her (hoping it is a her) there, so meet Iris!
  3. Silver dragons

    Stormfly the bearded dragon

    Going for a ride! Lol
  4. Silver dragons

    Bearded Dragon Contest

    Hello I don't know if this is technically allowed (if so please tell me)or if anyone would like it but I am doing a bearded dragon photo contest! There will be a first, second, and third place winner. Contest will end when we get enough people. Rules Maximum of three entries per person Photos...
  5. Silver dragons

    I think my dragon has tail rot

    So normally my smaller bearded dragon is a grayish normal-looking color and today I went and introduced her to my larger dragon. And she turns a bright orange color I didn't even know she could do, but her tail never changed the orange color like she did. Does she have tail rot? She did...
  6. Silver dragons


    Hello I just realized I had not introduced myself yet. I own 2 bearded dragons, one 3 year old female named wind sheer and one under a year old female named storm fly. I keep lots of other reptiles too including one flying gecko, one golden gecko, one white lined gecko, one house gecko, one red...

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