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  1. userBandit

    Baby Beardie enclosure

    Just keep adjusting your wattage and your placement of basking decorations / lighting. That temperature needs to be no hotter than 110, your guy will bake like a sauna. I recommend putting the UVB diagonal and not vertical like that but its placement is good. There should be that good portion...
  2. userBandit

    Baby Beardie enclosure

    upper your wattage on your basking bulb. You may need a 150. My guy is an adult so he stays at 95-105, but when I used the ReptiBasking Bulb 150 Watt his basking spot was 120 degrees. Had to remove it and stick with my 100 watt. what are you taking temps with? Some methods aren't as accurate as...
  3. userBandit

    Beardie had major surgery

    Just help her out as much as possible but let her re-learn her old ways. This breaks my heart hope she has a speedy recovery! give her lots of attention so she doesn't get sad too**
  4. userBandit

    how to tell if your bearded dragon is now a teen

    Size and a huge shift in attitude. After a certain age they do there own thing. I mean, my guy still loves to be held and spoiled but if I put him on the ground he will go go go, there isn't any picking him up for at least twenty minutes lol.
  5. userBandit

    hey I am daredevils owner

    Do you order these online from a specific place? Curious myself as i've never tried feeding them to my bearded dragon, only dubia roaches, superworms, and hornworms. How many do you give your adult dragon each feeding with the amount of calcium that they contain? I assume you wouldn't wanna...
  6. userBandit

    Baby Beardie enclosure

    He's gonna need a 120 gallon by the time he is full-sized. It truly makes a difference, I upgraded my five year old to a Zen Habitats and he never hides away like he used to anymore. He really takes advantage of the space! Follow all of the husbandry information Sadie provided above as well, it...
  7. userBandit

    hey I am daredevils owner

    He should be eating a lot of insects that young and small, feed him as many as he can eat in fifteen minutes! Side note: You shouldn't be feeding him mealworms. You can feed him dubia roaches or crickets, and there are lots of other good options too! Meal worms are bad because of the tough...
  8. userBandit


    Welcome to the forum! Very resourceful place, if it wasn't for this forum i don't know if i'd still have a bearded dragon. Let us know if there is anything you need please <3
  9. userBandit

    Safe Climate?

    It'll be all good :)
  10. userBandit

    Beardies Diet isn’t like What I Researched

    If lighting is not the issue: He is fine. Will take him a few days to adjust but try to get him to eat more than that, he will need lots of insects. I'd feed as many as he will eat in a 15 minute time period. Greens aren't as important right now but still research some good methods to get him...
  11. userBandit

    Thank you

    That is not good :( They should've said something for real, it seems fair to call neglect imo.
  12. userBandit

    Finally warm enough to bask outside!

    Aww what a cute baby! Had my guy outside for a little bit this morning too
  13. userBandit

    I have a beardie with I wort like growth underneath his bottom lip. Can anyone help.

    We need to see a picture in order to determine what it is. I'd recommend scheduling a vet visit otherwise.
  14. userBandit

    Is this okay?

    You've got to be able to find something you can put her tank on :(. I had my guy on the floor for about 3 days and moved him back to the desk, he hated it and just glassed surfed. The floor is also very drafty too.